Forgive Me

from My Life Has Gone Away


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Forgive Me By Maria Elena Sanchez 1. I can hear the phone ring, but you will not answer. You know that it’s me, so you will not pick up. Can’t you see I’m desperate for your forgiveness? Is there any way for you to see me? 2. We all make mistakes that cannot be erased. And it seems with me, that is the case. I know that there is no excuse for my error. But I beg you please, hear me one more time. Chorus: Forgive me – I love you, love you, love you, baby. Forgive me – I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, darlin. Forgive me – I need you, need you, need you, baby. Forgive me - I’m sorry. 3. It was not my intent to break your heart. And there is no excuse that will mend what I’ve done. All that I can do is to get on my knees, And beg you for forgiveness that you will not give. Bridge: I know the pain that I have cause. My heart bleeds for your love. You eyes tell me that you love me, But your lips say, go away. Your lips say go away, away. Repeat Chorus (2X) I’m sorry (final line after chorus repeat).




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Forgive Me
Forgive Me
  • Forgive Me
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