Locked In A Dream

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LOCKED IN A DREAM By Maria Elena Sanchez 1. The land of my birth's full of beauty and grace. With mountains and valleys; strong women and men. Children and laughter will heaven and earth. Now only sadness and freedom is gone. It is gone. Chorus: This is my home, land that I love, where I was born long ago. And in a dream I saw it free - freedom from bondage and hate. All men are free and in God's eye's freedom is locked in our hearts. But for the land where I was born, freedom is locked in a dream. 2. Childhood is gone, there's no laughter to hear. Now only soldiers and fighting are near. Cry for the children that're no longer here. We want the world to take action for peace; Hear our cries. Repeat Chorus Bridge: Sing "Ah" through pitch change Repeat Chorus Repeat last line 2X




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Locked In A Dream
Locked In A Dream
  • Locked In A Dream
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