You'll Be Here With Me

from My Life Has Gone Away

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You’ll Be Here With Me By Maria Elena Sanchez 1. Used to be that my only thoughts were of myself. Did not have the room inside my heart for someone else; Then, you came along and I saw life as something new; And I tried to change my life to share with one like you. 2. Did not know my heart was full of love for only me. Seeing you share life with other taught me how to see; That being all alone with mirrored walls gave nothing back, But a poor reflection of a person who is sad. Chorus: Teach me how to live again, in this world of selfish love; Tell me I am not alone – that you’re here with me. And your love I will regain; yours is not a selfish love. When my life is said and done, you’ll be here with me. 3. Now I walk your path and see the joy in peoples’ eyes. When you touch their hearts, the love they feel is no surprise. Cause you give of yourself and your concern is not for wealth. There is nothing better than your love for this lonely world. Bridge: And with a touch of your hand, I know that my heart will be healed. And with a touch of your heart, I know that my life will be real. Repeat Chorus (2X) You’ll be here with me. (3X)




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You'll Be Here With Me
You'll Be Here With Me
  • You'll Be Here With Me
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